Mermay31 Progress (Update 2)

Hey everyone! I am still chugging along with Mermay, and making a weekly post on Mondays over on instagram What am I going to do with all these lovely chibi-mermaids? Well, my mom gave me the idea shortly after Christmas to design an advent calendar sometime… and after much churning and humming-and-hawing over materials, IContinue reading “Mermay31 Progress (Update 2)”

June Pin Design Voting (Patreon Pin Club)

Hey creative nerds! It’s hard to believe we’re almost half-way through May and voting for next month’s Patreon pin club design is open! (must be a patron to vote) Following the Magic & Cats theme, I pulled from story lore for the “fruit Cat” idea. The story I’m concocting in my head of Winnifred theContinue reading “June Pin Design Voting (Patreon Pin Club)”

Mermay31 Progress

Hey guys! Mermay is coming along pretty well, I wanted to share the first eight illustrations– I am posting updates with the illustrations on Mondays over at instagram, as well, so I’ll be updating with days 4-10 tomorrow. 🙂 Day 1: Chimera: angler fish, flying fish, and eel. Such a random combination, I know, butContinue reading “Mermay31 Progress”

Mermay 31 Returns

This year I’m super excited to have a plan for my illustrations– and I’m going to do chibi-mers! Here’s the text-version of the list: Chimera Vintage Paladin Tiger Dancer Lagoon Dragon Horn(s) Coffee Dessert Spooky Cyborg Gold Artic Pet Reef Rockabilly Dolphin Archer Royal Citrus Zombie Romantic Opal garden Squid Mystic Celestial Sword Bones FreeContinue reading “Mermay 31 Returns”