Red Dot Auction

It’s come and gone again, the anonymous art auction that benefits the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity. Now, I can share my art!

My piece this year was “It’s Not Nap Time”, a bit of a departure from my normal… but how could I resist the theme this year of drawing Marc Anthony and Pussyfoot?? I’m happy to say, each year I’ve participated my piece has sold, and I’m just proud to be able to contribute to such an amazing event. (And this year I became a bidder, too– but that’s for another post!)

Art process video:

✍ My drawing tools ✍ 

11-inch iPad Pro (I have an iPad from 2018, this link is for the 2021 version)* 
Apple Pencil (2nd gen)* 
Matte Screen Protector (I like this better than paper-like screen covers)*
iPad Pro case *
• Procreate 5,2

* Please note that these are affiliate links. I sometimes earn a small commission from purchases made through these, which helps me create more content for you guys!

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