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[ In progress] Constellations in Flux: A Romance Anthology

GirlsDrawinGirls Presents: What Pina Drew (2020)

“What Pina Drew” is a collaboration between Pamela Ribon (Moana & Ralph Breaks the Internet) & 32 #GDG Artists designed to help children understand & process quarantine, social distancing, and COVID-19. Cover Art by: Ginger Seehafer

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Here Comes A thought: A Steven Universe Self-care Fanzine (2020)

A self-care-themed art zine featuring 17 incredibly talented artists who portrayed canon characters enjoying various activities and moments of self-care and friendship. Available on Etsy.

Robot Dreams: A Comic Anthology (2019)

Splattered Press has gathered twenty-five very talented comic book creators together to share their own stories about these things that so preoccupy our collective imaginations in the second volume of the Apologue Anthology Series. This collection boasts various storytelling approaches and artistic styles, which the sequential medium can so elegantly bring to vivid life. The culmination of this effort has created a singular work that shares a theme that knits each creator’s vision into a narrative whole; of which the result is the book you hold in your hands. Robot Dreams tells the tale of a robotics archaeologist who is searching for answers regarding what makes synthetic beings more than machines and similarly human in nature. She collects the off-world memories of many robots in her quest to answer the riddle of robotic ascendancy. What unfolds is a series of stories that explore the many facets of robots and how they inform our own worst and most human aspects. For in the end robots are the forsaken children of humankind and we are eternally intertwined with our creations.

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Monster Carnival: A Comic Anthology (2019)

Monster Carnival tells the tale of a parade of frightful creatures who receive a tithe from the villages of a land that seeks to gaze upon their abhorrence with wide-eyed wonder; and hear the stories of their abominable brethren from the dim memory of antiquity, and unto the future days of mankind. What unfolds is a series of fables that explore the many facets of monsters and how they inform our own worst and most virtuous traits. For in the end there truly is no happy ending for a monster and we must always be cautious in our desire to learn more about these darkest of creatures. Splattered Press has gathered together a dozen very talented comic book creators their own stories about these things that so preoccupy our collective imaginations in this first volume of the Apologue Anthology Series. This collection boasts varying storytelling approaches and varying artistic styles, which the sequential medium so elegantly brings to vivid life. The culmination of this effort has created a singular work that shares a theme which knits each creator’s vision the fabric of a narrative whole. The result is Monster Carnival: A Comics Anthology

Story Contributors: Brandon Whipple, Bill Giancoli, Chris Bell, Maegan Cook, Doug Laura, Wayne Beeman, Taylor Burton, Johannes and Gunder Vick, Mason and Mandy McMahon and Lola and Jonathan Myers.

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Beach City: Gemcation (2019)

This Kickstarter-backed fanzine features fifty-two amazing artists with original and fan art artwork. Published in 2019 through Printninja, the theme of the zine is “Beach City: Gemcation.” It includes all four seasons and the different activities you can do during them! I contributed 2 illustrations, one summer and one autumn. Get a copy here.

Morning Coffee Zine (2018)

A free digital zine dedicated to all things coffee, this zine is an original traditional art zine using coffee as the medium and featuring the works of 26 artists and writers. Link

Secret Gold (2018)

A magical novella is now available on Amazon. In a world where magic is synonymous with currency and the fantastic is just as accessible as modern technology, finding your soulmate should be as easy as flicking a wand, right?
Even with the mass production of a luxury device called a Soul Tracker designed specifically to assist hopeless romantics, the odds are still stifling.

Add to this that one’s level of magic is genetically set, and Margerie Krietz’s hopes of ever meeting her mate are slim to none. Heir to a rather large and powerful family business, Margerie’s practical magic test scores are abysmal. If something isn’t done soon, she’s at risk of not only losing her chance to get into a top college, but also her birthright. Desperate to quickly boost her grades her senior year, she reaches out to her professor for help — but when her tutor turns out to be the heir to a competing conglomerate, she finds the path to success is more convoluted than ever.

Bug Band Jamboree (2016)

Bug band jamborees started long ago in the mountains of Tennessee. Musicians gathered in the moonlight to make joyful noise on washtubs, washboards, kazoos, banjos, tambourines, and drums. Bug Band Jamboree follows the musical adventure of one such band, Wilhelmina Jean and the Thumpers. Bug Band Jamboree captures the loose, foot-stomping rhyme scheme and lyrics of traditional American jug band music. Readers will love the exuberant pace and delight in the folksy atmosphere of the Deep South. This is a lively, lyrical story about the power of music and the power of compromise.

A 32 page children’s book written by Precious McKenzie with artwork by Maegan Cook.

A Plus B (2014)

The prestigious Litmore Academy has sent its students on an extended field trip to Chicago.
Among them are students Arisa, Gabby, and Brandon.
Arisa— sweet, demure, shy, and lonely— is best friends with Gabby, one of the more
well-known, garrulous, and fashion-conscious girls at Litmore. Lacking confidence in herself, Arisa prefers staying in with a good book, but Gabby will have none of it and drags her out on the town.

This is where she bumps into Brandon, the cutest and most popular guy in school.
Suddenly, the Windy City is blowing the winds of change…and romance…Arisa’s way.

Will she embrace them?

A 126-page graphic novel created by Maegan with artwork by Power-J, available for purchase online at AmazonSmashwords, and B&

Licensed Art and Sketch Cards

Sketch Cards, 5finity Productions Inc.
October 2018- On Going

  • Hack/Slash “Cute As Hell”
  • Remarkable
  • Danielle Gransaull’s Succubus Sweethearts
  • Hellwitch 2020
  • Succubus Sweethearts, Fire ‘n’ Brimstone Beach
  • Mandy & Trizia
  • Princess Pingyang
  • Vegas Showgirls
  • 40 Artists 2022
  • Bunny Girls Vs. Cat Girls
  • Fei-ry Tales

“Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.”

Andy Warhol

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