Meet The Artist 2022

My annual “Meet the Artist” illustration got a bit of a refresh this year with a change in layout, new tidbits about me, and 2022’s color of the year. The self-portrait will also be used in an upcoming tarot card design, I can’t wait to show you guys, but it’s kind of a group-based project,Continue reading “Meet The Artist 2022”

Happy New Year & Patreon Update

Happy 2022 Creative Nerds! I’m updating my Patreon page in both theme & reward structure– so please check it out, anyone who signs up by 1/31/2022 will receive this awesome little eco-metal pin, too! I’m super stoked about what 2022 will bring, I’m already working on a couple of zine projects and I’ve submitted forContinue reading “Happy New Year & Patreon Update”

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend! (and a coupon!)

Well hello lovely people, I hope everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving got their fill of both great food and great company! I’ve got some delightful updates to share– including a coupon for my etsy shop for this weekend that will only be posted on Patreon and my blog for the MVPs. Thank you guys! Kickstarter news:Continue reading “Happy Thanksgiving Weekend! (and a coupon!)”

5 Days Left! Year of the Tiger Kickstarter

Hello Creative nerds, My pin Kickstarter is getting into the home stretch (4 days to go!) so I wanted to make sure I at least mention it one more time in case y’all missed my social media blasts. (I swear, I feel so awkward posting about one thing all the time, but marketing people sayContinue reading “5 Days Left! Year of the Tiger Kickstarter”

IMPORTANT: Etsy Holiday Shop Updates

Hello lovely people! I have a few shop announcements to share in preparation for the 2021 Holiday season: — There will be a short delay around Thanksgiving for shipping orders, check the shipping estimate when you place an order so there’s no surprise in delivery times– December: Any custom merch orders (Meaning something you’d likeContinue reading “IMPORTANT: Etsy Holiday Shop Updates”