Books Under My Belt: Bug Band Jamboree

I realized while I have my books up on the website, I’ve not really shared anything about the things I’ve published in the blog, so time to fix that! (This series doesn’t include single work contributions, like zines, that’ll be a separate post series)One thing I have always wanted to do was illustrate a children’s book,Continue reading “Books Under My Belt: Bug Band Jamboree”


Sometimes single-day shows, especially if they’re local for me, are easier to do when there’s a need to fly solo, which was the case this weekend. It was interesting trying to spread out my display to fit two tables too, but I managed!It was a really fun and pretty productive show. I got caught upContinue reading “ARTIST ALLEY ROUND UP: Pop Market”

Mermay Week 2

The second round of Mermay sketches are here! (Day 8 is posted here) I stumbled a little on a couple of days and submitted late because a house project was consuming my time after work, but I’m staying on top of these! The #mermay31 prompt list, if anyone wants to hop in: Also, check outContinue reading “Mermay Week 2”

Mermay Week 1

Though I would love to deliver fresh daily art, I have committed to going sketches for Mermay this year, because it’s too much to try to do daily illustrations with everything else and other projects I need to push forward for clients and have been on the bench already. That being said, I’m actually reallyContinue reading “Mermay Week 1”


First Comic Convention of the season down! Ithacon is my favorite local show, for many reasons, but mostly because it usually kicks off the artist alley season for me, and the Comic Book Club of Ithaca College always does such a great job putting on the show. The panels and activities were great this year,Continue reading “ARTIST ALLEY ROUND UP: Ithacon 45”

Mermay 2022 Prompts

It’s that time of year again! I’ve drummed up some prompts for my IG hashtag, Mermay31, because May is around the corner! Lots of people create their own prompt lists as well, but if you wanna check out the OG MerMay prompt list (or enter the contest) head over to Happy Drawing everyone! ~MaeganContinue reading “Mermay 2022 Prompts”

March Shenanigans

Hi friends, As y’all know, March is a special anniversary month for both the publication of A Plus B, and the launch of my Patreon a few years later! To celebrate, all patrons and new patrons who join by March 31st will receive a sticker pack of The cute chibi art used for the tiersContinue reading “March Shenanigans”