Ten Days Left for Zine Preorders!

Ten days are left in the Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing of Constellations in Flux: A Romance Anthology. (The campaign ends at noon on December 2, 2022) I want to give a huge thank you to everyone so far who’s backed the Kickstarter, and everyone who is helping spread the word about the project.Continue reading “Ten Days Left for Zine Preorders!”

Books Under My Belt: Bug Band Jamboree

I realized while I have my books up on the website, I’ve not really shared anything about the things I’ve published in the blog, so time to fix that! (This series doesn’t include single work contributions, like zines, that’ll be a separate post series)One thing I have always wanted to do was illustrate a children’s book,Continue reading “Books Under My Belt: Bug Band Jamboree”


Sometimes single-day shows, especially if they’re local for me, are easier to do when there’s a need to fly solo, which was the case this weekend. It was interesting trying to spread out my display to fit two tables too, but I managed!It was a really fun and pretty productive show. I got caught upContinue reading “ARTIST ALLEY ROUND UP: Pop Market”