Etsy Shop Update + Sale

Hey creative nerds! Happy Friday! I’m so stoked to announce my large mid-year washi order came in, so favorites like Spilled Tea and magic potions washi will be restocked, AND I have some brand new designs– including GLOW-IN-THE-DARK washi tape. *excited artist noises*  A lot of the fall and Halloween-related art pieces are being restockedContinue reading “Etsy Shop Update + Sale”

My Willows Collboration

Hello creative nerds, I wanted to share some exciting news with y’all, I just finished my first illustration collaboration with a company, My Willows! I was inspired to reach out to the company after seeing Jacquelin Deleon’s youtube video on the art process of her collab piece she did for them and seeing they wereContinue reading “My Willows Collboration”

August Update (Red Dot Auction, Sketch Cards, and more!)

Hey creative nerds! Oh my gosh, August is flying by, isn’t it? I’m happy to report I received my new laptop Monday. I was doing my best through July without a computer, but I’m so happy to be fully functioning in the electronic world again. I’m still working on getting the rest of my programsContinue reading “August Update (Red Dot Auction, Sketch Cards, and more!)”

Mermaid Advent Calendar [Voting Open] Hey everyone! I’m moving forward with my mermaid charm idea to make an advent calendar, and could use your input! I want to choose 24 chibi-mers for the charms, so please take the attached poll and select which ones are your favorites (choose as many as you like)! I’ll leave the poll open untilContinue reading “Mermaid Advent Calendar [Voting Open]”