Books Under My Belt: Secret Gold

I realized while I have my books up on the website, I’ve not really shared anything about the things I’ve published in the blog, so time to fix that! (This series doesn’t include single work contributions, like zines, that’ll be a separate post series)
When it was first published in 2018, I called it a novella, because of the length– but now I just think of it as a short book: Secret Gold

“Secret Gold is a modern fantasy romance by author Maegan Cook. Set in a world where magic is the lifeblood of society and the fantastic is just as accessible as modern technology, finding your soulmate should be as easy as flicking a wand, right? Even with the mass production of a luxury magical device called a Soul Tracker explicitly designed to assist hopeless romantics, the odds are still stifling. Add to this that one’s level of magic is genetically set, and Margerie Krietz’s hopes of ever meeting her soul-mate are slim to none. Margerie’s magic aptitude test scores are abysmal, and as the potential heiress of a rather large and influential magic device business, she finds herself at risk of losing her birthright. Desperate to boost her grades her senior year, Margerie reaches out to her professor for help — but when her tutor turns out to be the handsome heir to a competing conglomerate, it becomes apparent that her path to success is more convoluted than ever.

Secret Gold Cover

This book was really me stretching my self-publishing muscles. From editing, to cover design, to the book blurb, I tackled it all with gusto and searched out talent to help me make my book the best it could be. I used an editing service to have fresh eyes on my writing, commissioned the very talented Alice Bessoni for the cover art, and put together the book layout and cover design myself. I feel that going the extra mile to polish my story paid off, and I proudly showcase this YA Magical romance every chance I get, usually right next to my first publication, A Plus B.

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