Books Under My Belt: A Plus B

I realized while I have my books up on the website, I’ve not really shared anything about the things I’ve published in the blog, so time to fix that! (This series doesn’t include single work contributions, like zines, that’ll be a separate post series)

My first published work, A Plus B, was an attempt to bring a western teen romance story to life with a classic shoujo manga style.

I worked with an amazing Filipino Artist, Power-J, who breathed life to my story in the cutest style.

This project came together with help from fellow creatives, and I am forever grateful that my scrap of an idea based on a dream compounded into my first publication and I cannot describe how it felt when I received the first-ever proof of the graphic novel. It was so surreal, and this experience only motivated me to do more, write more, and chase my dream of one day drawing my own comic as well.

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