New Logo

Hey friends!

While I like my stamp for a signature, I wasn’t loving it for a logo, so I’m going to try something that feels a bit more ethereal…

I designed a lunar moth tattoo in the latest Witches Tea House piece, and when I was looking at it, the MCC lines kinda jumped out at me, so I drew over those lines and was like “Did I just make a new logo?”

New Moth Logo

Along with the logo update, I wanted to share I just received a new batch of business cards! I’ve wanted to do illustrated business cards for a while, but never felt like I had one peice that translated my “Style” well enough…. so how about four?! I found out I could do multiple designs with Moo, so I went for it– and they are GORGEOUS and nice thick quality cards. I’m very happy with these, and of course I picked Witch illustrations, because of the Patreon theme and my upcoming project, Bee and Bramble.

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