Books Under My Belt: Robot Dreams: A Comics Anthology (Apologue Anthology Series)

I realized while I have my books up on the website, I’ve not really shared anything about the things I’ve published in the blog, so time to fix that! (This series doesn’t include single work contributions, like zines, that’ll be a separate post series)
I’m starting backwards, with the thought maybe it’ll make sense in the blog line up… so let’s start with the second comic anthology I participated in from Splattered Press, Robot Dreams.

“Technological dreams, machines that do our bidding, the future that captivates our minds . . . these are but descriptions of those beings which reflect ourselves; both in our hubris and in the core concepts that make us human. Robots have been a part of the human condition, since science fiction first evoked stories about synthetic beings that have been forged in our own likeness. They are as much a part of who we are as we are a reflection of them. These creations pervade our imaginations, give purpose to our existence and permeate modern pop culture. We both distrust and marvel at these industrial automatons that predict fascinating futures for those who read their tales. Splattered Press has gathered twenty-five very talented comic book creators together to share their own stories about these things that so preoccupy our collective imaginations in the second volume of the Apologue Anthology Series. This collection boasts various storytelling approaches and artistic styles, which the sequential medium can so elegantly bring to vivid life. The culmination of this effort has created a singular work that shares a theme that knits each creator’s vision into a narrative whole; of which the result is the book you hold in your hands. Robot Dreams tells the tale of a robotics archaeologist who is searching for answers regarding what makes synthetic beings more than machines and similarly human in nature. She collects the off world memories of many robots in her quest to answer the riddle of robotic ascendancy. What unfolds is a series of stories that explore the many facets of robots and how they inform our own worst and most human aspects. For in the end robots are the forsaken children of humankind and we are eternally intertwined with our creations.

The comic that I contributed is entitled “The Path Less Travelled” and I wanted to explore some classic literature through a robotic lens:

A cookie if you can guess all 7 titles. 🙂

The story is basically a catalog robot processing (ancient literature) books for a database destined to leave earth achieves sentience through the inspiring works it’s exposed to, even “reading” them. This was a really fun one to work on, and I found it challenging to design the robot and keep the story short while packing as much of the concept as I could into something that feels whole, yet there could be more later.
Check out the anthology on Amazon, it’s a great read with a lot of talented creators involved.

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