5 Days Left! Year of the Tiger Kickstarter

Hello Creative nerds,

My pin Kickstarter is getting into the home stretch (4 days to go!) so I wanted to make sure I at least mention it one more time in case y’all missed my social media blasts. (I swear, I feel so awkward posting about one thing all the time, but marketing people say ‘hammer it home!’)

Sticker design ❤

I’m excited to say the project is funded with one stretch goal unlocked, so I’ll get to do one more round of pins this year! I’m super excited to get the order in (hopefully) before the Christmas break so they have the potential to be in Backer’s hands in January!

here’s the link for the Kickstarter if you want to share/support making these pins today:


The Campaign ends at noon on 11/23.

Thank you all for your support, and I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend (and for those who celebrate Thanksgiving next week– Happy Thanksgiving!)


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