Happy Thanksgiving Weekend! (and a coupon!)

Well hello lovely people,

I hope everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving got their fill of both great food and great company! I’ve got some delightful updates to share– including a coupon for my etsy shop for this weekend that will only be posted on Patreon and my blog for the MVPs. Thank you guys!

Kickstarter news:

The Year of the Tiger Pin Kickstarter finished as a whopping success! Not only was it funded in THREE days (still in happy shock) but we unlocked the stretch goal for the no-year pin variant, so now I have to wait for funds to clear so I can give my manufacturer the green-light to start on production. *excitement*

Art News:

For once, I got my Christmas card illustration done early, and I think it’s really only because 3 people asked me about them within 24 hours. ahahah. Thanks for kickstarting my ADD-brain into hyper-focus to get it done. XD
I’ll share when the cards arrive, along with the story behind this year’s picture– so stay tuned! 😀

Art Jam:

Here’s something I can share now: this month’s art jam! If you didn’t know, I host a monthly drawing prompt over on discord. Anyone’s free to join in and I’ll share entries along with my piece (as long as I get mine done too. LOL) This month’s theme was ‘Home’, and I don’t know why, but I felt like drawing a teapot-house, and then I found Studio-Ghibli inspired flora brushes on Etsy, and here we are.

I really love it when I get time to explore new techniques or tools, and I usually take the opportunity to do so with the art jams; it’s always nice to have the time to get them done, when I have the time. Hehe.

Speaking of time, the end of the year is nigh and I promised a little while ago there will be a new Patreon theme next year along with a open poll to pick monthly prompts, this is in process and I should have the announcement ready next week!


Here’s a coupon code for my Etsy shop for this weekend that I’m ONLY sharing on the blog and on Patreon– so you could say… it’s exclusive!

There’s a holiday sale currently running for 10% off in the shop, but you can use this coupon instead to save 20% on purchases $5+ through Cyber Monday!

Thanks everyone for all the support and encouragement. I’m truly grateful for everyone who sees my stuff and decides to share it on social media or buy a sticker, or that what I’m doing is worth subscribing to see more.
Thank you. Much love to you and yours.

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