June Pin Design Voting (Patreon Pin Club)

Hey creative nerds!

It’s hard to believe we’re almost half-way through May and voting for next month’s Patreon pin club design is open! (must be a patron to vote)

Following the Magic & Cats theme, I pulled from story lore for the “fruit Cat” idea. The story I’m concocting in my head of Winnifred the witch– all witches create a familiar when they’re in school, a creature Transmogrified from an object with some significance to the young witch. Winnie uses a stuffed bee she had since she was a baby– but imagine a youngster really likes cats and offers up a package of their favorite fruit? I plan to use rose gold for this pin concept, I think it’ll go nice with the colors.

For the ‘Tarot Card’ idea, I honestly had a hard time coming up with something that I thought would translate well for a pin– but just thinking about how our cats fight over sun spots when they appear around the house, I figured the Sun card was as good a pick as any– and a cat that embodies that concept would be celestial, since the sun is a star. Throw in the fact most of the design will be gold, and I think it’ll work well. (insert laugh/cry emoji here)

・゚✧ Voting is open until 5/23 on Patreon, and the design with the most votes will be turned into June’s pin. The final design will be revealed to patrons on 6/1 and both designs will be fully rendered for stickers next month for the Sticker Gang tier. ・゚✧

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