Mermay31 Progress (Update 2)

Hey everyone! I am still chugging along with Mermay, and making a weekly post on Mondays over on instagram

What am I going to do with all these lovely chibi-mermaids? Well, my mom gave me the idea shortly after Christmas to design an advent calendar sometime… and after much churning and humming-and-hawing over materials, I have a pretty good rough plan started.

These cuties will be made into a set of 24 wooden charms that can be hung from a mini-tree (if I can’t figure out a coral hanging option to include with them). I will open up a poll after Mermay is complete and left everyone vote on their favorite mermaids, because only 24 out of the 31 will be used. I will design a 25th “Topper” or exclusive charm to complete the set. Depending on how simple or complicated this gets, I may open up a kickstarter for the project in the fall. But for now, I’m still drawing and I hope you enjoy the art updates! 😀

Day 9: Coffee: A caffeine princess relaxing in her own little cup.

Day 10: Dessert: I really didn’t do dessert and coffee back to back on purpose, nor pick a donut thinking about coffee– but it works!

Day 11: Spooky: In my head, spooky= skulls/ghosts, and any chance I get to draw my wicked lil maneater Elphie, I’m gonna draw her!

Day 12: Cyborg: Is that a cell phone in a zip-top bag? Yup.

Day 13: Gold: Went in a different direction with this one… thinking about the harvest moon, when it’s so big and yellow, it could easily be made of cheese or gold.

Day 14: Artic: Nothing much to see here, just an artic mermaid swimming with her narwhal pal.

Day 15: Pet: This lil mer-goldfish is sooooo bored. Someone change the channel on the TV! Oh wait, she’s napping— nevermind.

Day 16: Reef: Two chibi-mers hunting for pearls and other treasures along the reef.

Day 17: Rockabilly: No lie, this one is based on 2009-me. Sorry/not sorry. Though I never owned cherry earrings, I totally rocked some pinstripes, vests, and bandana-hair. 

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