Mermay31 Progress

Hey guys!

Mermay is coming along pretty well, I wanted to share the first eight illustrations– I am posting updates with the illustrations on Mondays over at instagram, as well, so I’ll be updating with days 4-10 tomorrow. 🙂

Day 1: Chimera: angler fish, flying fish, and eel. Such a random combination, I know, but they turned out so cute!

Day 2: Vintage: disco, baby!!! This chibi-mer is a 70s fan, obvs.

Day 3: Paladin: ooooh man, can I have a mermaid themed rpg game? I want a whole army of these cuties ready to kick ass and heal up while raging through underwater dungeons. XD

Day 4: Tiger: Awww, twinsies!!

Day 5: Dancer: No lie, probably my favorite so far. How could I resist such an elegant jellyfish? (plus, jellyfish always look like they’re dancing)

Day 6: Lagoon: a lil mer needs a froggy friend to help cheer her up after a bad day.

Day 7: Dragon: Forget a boy and his dog or a girl with her horse– Nothing beats a mermaid and their sea dragon!

Day 8: Horned: lionfish-inspired, this one turned out so well! I was on the fence about the green hair at first, now I can’t imagine picking a different color. XD

I’m so excited to be doing a full chibi set, I will probably have an update next time on what I’m planning to do with these cuties as a merch idea. 😀 (It may involve voting on your favorites, stay tuned!)

Have a fantastic week!

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