Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone,

I hope 2021 has treated you well. I know it’s been a roller-coaster year, at times feeling like a bad sequel to 2020. In the middle of this festive season, even with things globally looking like there will be a part 3 to this nightmare, I’m choosing to focus on the things I’m thankful for, and trying to bring cheer.

This year’s Christmas card illustration is a personal one. Every year around October/November I plot what I will do for the card… I started making hand-illustrated cards back in college, and it started small with just handing them out to my friends, then my friends and co-workers, and finally I threw out store-bought cards for mailing to family and do them for everyone.

This year on Halloween, my husband snapped a picture of my three-year old daughter and I walking down the street in the matching witch costumes her grandmother had bought. (Little girl had a couple of costume options– but she wanted to be a witch for trick-or-treating)

I used the photo for the base of my illustration, giving us magic wands and casting stars into a winter wonderland’s night sky. I showed my lil one the wip when I was drawing, and she was so excited I was drawing ‘her and mommy as witches’ that she wanted to go throw her costume back on. Haha. 

I hope y’all enjoy this artwork, and that your holiday season is filled with light, laughter, and most importantly, love.

Ciao 2021, all the wishes for a better/best 2022 for everyone!


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