Art Vs. Artist

Hello lovely people,

It’s that time of year! My IG feed blew up with Art Vs. Artist memes the first week of December, but I picked a couple of pieces that I had to wait to share in mine. 😉

Of course, couldn’t resist using the last photo Hubs snapped of me during our T-day trip to Florida for my artist pic. Look at that sun! I totally get why snowbirds do the thing. Lol.

2021 I feel was a growing year, both through life and art. I feel like I finally have a grasp of my “new” digital art process in procreate, have started to expand my color techniques, am working on a comic script at long last, and getting back on board with projects and zines.

 ✍ My drawing tools ✍ 

• 11-inch iPad Pro (I have an iPad from 2018, this link is for the 2021 version)*
• Apple Pencil (2nd gen)*
• Matte Screen Protector (I’ll try paper-like soon, but this has worked so far)*
• iPad Pro case*
• Pencil Grip (for when my hands are tired)*
• Procreate 5x

* Please note that these are affiliate links. I sometimes earn a small commission from purchases made through these, which helps me create more content for you guys!

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