August Art Jam Illustration

Hey creative nerds,

I wanted to share my Dragon illustration from last month’s art jam. Art jams take place in the discord server with a monthly prompt and a submissions channel. Submissions are usually due by the day before the end of the month so I can post things to social media… though the last couple of months I have not been on time. ;.; 

Life happens, right? The important thing with the Jam is to have fun, and I enjoy trying out new things with the prompts– like this month, is the first-ever 2-parter jam. Check out the Discord Server for more info if you’d like to hop in!

Last month was Smaugust, so I didn’t want to let it pass without at least drawing one dragon piece– so, the Art Jam theme was dragons and I had an idea for a mother and her hatchling that I sketched out. It’s been a while since I’ve drawn dragons, so I kinda just left myself go to my default and drew them pretty much the way I’ve done since late elementary school, a cartoony serpentine like look. 

My husband, of course, pointed out the dragon had too much back-end for those small wings to actually work when I showed him what I was working on, but I countered with the principles of Disney physics. All those dragons have tiny wings and they do just fine. (Plus, I was 99% done with the piece, so it was too late to alter proportions. lol)

Art Process Video:

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