Red Dot Auction 11

Hello Creative Nerds,

I wanted to share my piece for this year’s Red Dot Auction ( Sept. 11, 2021). To learn more about the event, check out this link:  

This year when I saw the open call go up, I immediately knew I wanted to revisit my Albuquerque hitchhiker girl from the first year (2019) I participated:

The concept was simple, a cute Looney tunes fangirl resting on her suitcase by the side of the road– the destination ambiguous, but clearly desert. It was a digital collage love note to my inner child. It was also my first major piece I attempted in Procreate, and I pushed myself to try a background, which I admit I’m still practicing. 

This year, I wanted to revisit that fangirl, a little differently– I wanted to see how my use of Procreate has evolved in a couple of years, and allow myself to do a simple background– keeping it even in the realm of cartoony– and I wanted to hand-draw all the looney tune elements this time. (Based on real stickers I used for reference)

2021 Albuquerque Girl

Unfortunately this piece came due right when I was without my computer, which housed the Marvin the Martian design I had done for the previous tank top and planned on re-using,  so I took a moment to think, a deep breath, and drew Daffy instead, which fits our fangirl just as well, imo.

Also, this time she’s probably wearing spf 5000, and has a ride, because she ditched the hat and sunglasses in the middle of a desert?! D:<

Check out the awesome pieces up for auction at

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