July Update

Hey creative nerds!

Whew– how are we halfway through July already?!?

Summer is usually a little more laid back for projects for me, because I like to enjoy the summer and the garden can be consuming– but this year feels like I’m really buzzing with very little down time. Lol.

What’s going on?

Last month/end of May I cranked out a bunch of designs and merch files for a big summer Store update. About half of what I’ve been working on has come in, so I’m ready to update the shop! There will be a big shop update and sale starting tomorrow!

Preview for 7/16 Store Update post on IG

Other projects:

By the end of the month I need to have my Chuck Jones Red Dot Auction piece done, as well as 10 sketchcards for a beach-themed card set for 5finity.

I am also working on my first collab art piece (Patrons may have recently seen a sneak peek in my lens posts) and planning for a large zine submission, though I don’t know if I’ll get to drawing until August.


Had an awesome vacation in the Adirondacks for fourth of July, and this past weekend we loaded up at the local Blueberry U-pick and got to hang out with some friends we haven’t seen for awhile at their RV campsite, so baby girl LOVED that (and making s’mores, but who doesn’t love s’mores?).

My laptop kicked the bucket this past Saturday, too. I was hobbling along with it after the cooling fan quit working last month, but I was really hoping it would stay together until I could get a new one. Oh well… I will manage this month with just procreate on my ipad and borrowing hubby’s computer for shipping label printing as needed; I have a new laptop ordered, it’s just custom from HP to meet my needs for streaming and arting, so I won’t receive it until early August. *is not a patient person and will agonize until I receive new machine*

… And that’s it for now. XD

I hope you have a fantastic rest of the week. Until next time!

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