June Mini-Update

Hey creative nerds!

Things have been crazy around here, hope y’all are having a good summer!

There’s a lot I’ve been doing that isn’t quite share-able (client work, zine submissions etc..) but I can share I recently participated in a Saturday Morning Doodle Crew episode, and the beach zine has gone live. (It’s a gallery style release– my piece should be posted soon.)

I reached a magical number of followers on instagram this week, 5,000! I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than post a giveaway, so please head over to my IG if you wish to enter. (Contest open until 7/2)

I’ve also been cranking out some new designs for the shop— but I’ve decided as the products are spread out in different orders that’ll all be coming in the next couple of weeks (and a couple I got this week) that I’ll just work on the product listings as things come in and then launch one big shop update in July. ❤

Speaking of July, next week we’re taking a family trip, so aside from updating the Patreon pin club post on the first, I probably won’t be doing much online next week– and Patreon rewards will mail out after the fifth.

I have three major projects that I can’t wait to share with you guys– but next month I’ll finally get to showcase all the things I’ve been squirrelling away on, and I can’t wait!

Have a great and powerful rest of your week!


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