Sometimes single-day shows, especially if they’re local for me, are easier to do when there’s a need to fly solo, which was the case this weekend. It was interesting trying to spread out my display to fit two tables too, but I managed!
It was a really fun and pretty productive show. I got caught up with my Patreon reward art and Mermay; I set up with more mystery bags and brought some notebooks/notepads and enamel pins for the first time. I was a little surprised that I didn’t sell any pins, but they did generate some interest– so I’ll work on my display because the board I had got for them did not work (too thick to close the pin backings).
I also got to sit between two amazing artists, my friend Emily Swan, who runs the Doodle Crew stream you guys can catch me on here and there on Twitch/Youtube, and Amanda Baroody, whose intricate inkwork and many mushroom-art related pieces just make me happy.
Overall, I did about as well as one of my days at other shows, so I would like to do this again. Especially after I’ve refined my current table set up a bit more and have a few more senshi standees to bring with me next time!
I also lucked out in swag this time– I won two of the Food Bank raffle prizes, which shocked me because I never win anything. I got a picture-perfect Space Cadet pop figure, so naturally, I had to buy Duck Dodgers too, because you can’t have a cadet without Duck Dodgers! (idea for next year’s red dot auction piece? Hmmm…), I also won a MTG card pack for hubs and a sketchbook from Amanda (hehe!).
Then, when I went around to other tables I invested in a bulbasaur plushie for my lil one, grabbed matching finger lakes shirts, more magic card booster packs, scored two adorable acrylic pieces (a frog keychain and a gengar popscoket), and found the cutest lolli-pop earings!
So yeah, had a great show!
I’m currently working to figure out how to carry my scrunchies/lanyards too, so I will have more merch at my next event– which looks like it will be in August (I haven’t heard anything yet regarding the one day show in June). So, see you guys next time!


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