First Comic Convention of the season down!

Ithacon is my favorite local show, for many reasons, but mostly because it usually kicks off the artist alley season for me, and the Comic Book Club of Ithaca College always does such a great job putting on the show. The panels and activities were great this year, and there was a cosplay contest both days!

We got to sit next to the writer behind Ithaqa Comic and his spouse, if you follow the comic’s IG, you probably saw her awesome Hazel cosplay,

The table on our other side was empty, so I got the rare chance to expand the display a bit and it helped me wrap my head around what I should probably update about my table and how to showcase my new items I didn’t carry back in 2019.

Day 1 Table

I was pleasantly surprised to sell out of my mystery bags and the last of my Beach City: Gemcation artist copies on the first day. This also opened up to try out displaying my cat prints I never got to table, and they were received very well… so while I hadn’t planned on continuing to cart around prints, I may change my mind and carry a small selection.
It will make me utilize more vertical space, and I may have to get more grid units if I decide to carry more standees or I’ll have to figure out how to create a double shelf for them– but the standees and charms sold well, too so it’s worth it!

Day 2!

Saturday evening we swung by The Downstairs after the convention to drop off zines for the upcoming Zine Fest (unfortunately I only had limited copies of Floral Fashion with me, my reorder came in yesterday) and had Thai food for dinner. Sunday I got to visit some of my artist friends and do a alley run to do some purchases. I scored a golden age Wonder Woman comic, artbooks, and talked to the awesome peeps behind Takeout: The Card Game. They had a prototype of a new sea-exploration card game they’re launching in the near future, and it sounded fun!

I’ve got a few merch orders I’m waiting to come in, but I don’t have another planned show until possibly June, so I have plenty of time to buff up my table’s wares, and work on the Mercury Standee everyone has been asking for…. haha. No really guys, I’m sketching it up right now.
Mermay is also around the corner (next week!!!) so I’ve promised myself to at least do sketches for my prompt list, but I can’t commit to more because I have another double set of sketch cards due as well as prepping for summer house projects/gardening.

Thanks to everyone who swung by the table this past weekend, and who reads my blog and follows my shenanigans online. You guys are awesome!

Make it a magical day.

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