Hello creative nerds!

(whispers: it’s mah birthday, y’all!)

I am so excited to bring some news this Friday-before-Halloween:

Today is the first day of Ghostcon!
Ghostcon is a virtual convention hosting lots of talented artists, streamers, musicians, and authors that is also raising money for charity! I donated an art print of my piece for their prize raffle, and they’re also accepting donations for NAMI on their Charity page.

I’m really excited, I submitted a pre-recorded video of the creation of my Black Cherry Witch illustration (exclusive full preview below) and my video will play tomorrow, Saturday, at 1:30 pm. Sorry I couldn’t stream, but since it’s my birthday, we have plans to do spooky family things with my parents this weekend. 😀

I also have Ghost-con exclusive metallic art prints available up on Etsy. It is a limited print run, grab ’em while they last! (There’s also a big sale going on in the shop until 10/31)

and (drum roll please) here is my finished Botanical-inspired witch illustration!

✍ My drawing tools ✍

• 11-inch iPad Pro (I have an iPad from 2018, this link is for the 2021 version)*
• Apple Pencil (2nd gen)*
• Matte Screen Protector (I’ll try paper-like soon, but this has worked so far)*
• iPad Pro case*
• Pencil Grip (for when my hands are tired)*
• Procreate 5x

* Please note that these are affiliate links. I sometimes earn a small commission from purchases made through these, which helps me create more content for you guys!

Thanks for your support!

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