August Update (Red Dot Auction, Sketch Cards, and more!)

Hey creative nerds!

Oh my gosh, August is flying by, isn’t it?

I’m happy to report I received my new laptop Monday. I was doing my best through July without a computer, but I’m so happy to be fully functioning in the electronic world again. I’m still working on getting the rest of my programs up and running, but I can print labels and resume sticker production on my cricut. yaaaaaay! ( I have to delete all my stuff from hubby’s computer from borrowing it. hehe)

In art news, the Red Dot Auction pre-bidding is open! I’ll be sharing more about my piece at the end of the month, but go check out all the awesome Chuck Jones-inspired art (and bid if you want, too!)

I just received a new sketch card pack from 5finity and completing and submitting my Succubus Sweetheart Beach set.

So, I’ll be working on another 10 cards through Sept., this set I’m actually pretty excited about, it’s Princess Pingyang, so gonna get to try my hand at some historical Chinese illustrations.

Now that I have my new computer, I can finish putting together my art process video for my first-ever collab, too, so that’ll post soon!!!!

There’s so many exciting things happening as we reach the peak of summer, and though I don’t think anything will slow down anytime soon, I’ve been really happy with how all my projects are turning out, and I hope you guys are enjoying all the fresh art too! (and I swear, I am trying to get back to writing as well)

‘Til the next update!


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