March Update

Hey Guys!

The end of March is eminent, and man, has this been a crazy month. If you guys didn’t know, the beggining of the month kinda threw everything off with being sick– but I feel like I’m getting back to normal, or at least back to work!

So, what’s going on? Aside from catching up on shop updates and running a sale, If you missed the post about Robot Dreams, go check it out because I’m still kinda geeking out over this comic anthology. XD I also have some end-of-the-month commissions I’m working on, so that’s awesome.

Coming up:

On April 8, I’ll be joining Doodle Crew for a Hue-prompt drawing session. This will be my third time participating in the drawing livestream, and I highly recommend checking out the episodes that have been recorded so far on youtube. These are so fun to do! It feels like drawing with friends, like we used to meet up and do pre-pandemic, but with prompts and themes. XD
I was in the session this past Saturday (ignore any and all awkward moments, I’m still adjusting to being on camera), where we genderbent some classic and newer Saturday morning cartoon characters:

What else…. I’m back working on my novel, Firefly Darkness. Uploading the chapters to Tapas has been nice to clean up old writing and worked to re-interest me in the story after I got stuck a couple of years ago.

I have some merch updates and zine news I can’t quite share yet, including a major project I can’t believe I’m participating in, but won’t be able to really share anything until next year. ;-; Don’t they know I suck at keeping a lid on things??? Patrons and discord peeps may get some sneak peeks when I sit down to work on it, but it’ll be later this year– right now I am swimming in Spring projects!

Speaking of projects, I saw on a sketch card forum the Hellwitch set I did five cards for dropped, so I was able to share the card art on instagram. Enjoy!

So, that’s it for me guys… Looking forward to April, my favorite local ice cream shop opening Friday, and Spring to get into full swing around here.

Have a great & awesome day!


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