February Update

Hello Creative Nerds,

I hope you’re doing well. This winter weather lately has been crazy, right?? Right now It’s been snowing steadily all morning, when the weatherman this morning said the snowfall was all going to be south of us today. (sob) It feels like it’s snowed a fresh coat every 2-3 days all month.  

Anyway, enough about living in a snow globe!

I have a Patreon pin update: my manufacturer pinged me Friday to let me know they’re back to work, so I’m anticipating the Patreon Pin Club pins will be shipping out by the end of the month, if not (by some stroke of luck) sooner.

Looking at March, it’s Patron-versary time!!! I’m so excited, because my Patreon-versary lines up with my publication anniversary for my manga, A Plus B, so like last year I’ll be putting together an A+B themed goodie set for new and existing patrons. It’ll be set up as a special offer for new patrons, and existing patrons will be sent a survey to receive their item(s) in the beginning of March. I have one item already ordered, and I am so stinking excited to show it off when I get them. XD

In other news:

I have sifted through what exists of Firefly Darkness and posting it on Tapas, and by doing so the writing bug is biting now, so that’s great to be acting on one of my 2021 goals!

I just finished my new 5finity sketch cards, I’m doing 5 for the Hell Witch set. Researching characters is usually easy, but this is a spin-off two-part indie comic off of the Lady Death series, so I wound up having to buy the comic to find out about characters so I’m not just drawing Hell Witch 5 times. Lol. Though I guess that would’ve been fine too. Wheeeww.

Speaking of sketch cards, I have 2 AE/AP cards from the Hack/Slash cute as hell and 2 from the Succubus sweethearts that I’m thinking about drawing on. Before I do anything with them, does anyone want to commission one of the cards? Please shoot me an email ( maegancreates@gmail.com ) by March 5.

March is also going to be exciting because a new comic anthology with one of my works should be coming out, and GOs (Group Orders) are starting up again!

I already have a acrylic charm order in that includes a brand new shaker charm idea, am restocking the kitty cat lanyards, and plotting for a big washi tape order in May/June. I’m open to any suggestions you guys may have regarding restocking designs you like or designs you would like to see on lanyards and washi. I’m tossing around the idea of some pride merch and more vitiligo support items, too.

Have a great & powerful day!


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