Fresh & New


I’ve been saying for a while I was going to move away from the SCIDesigns site, and with opening and focusing on my Etsy shop last year, a natural branding shift kind of finalized– back in 2018/2019 I had redone all my socials to some variation of MaeganCookcreates or MaeganCcreates, and now it’s officially my new thang. (SCIDesigns will remain in the background for use as an imprint when I self publish, but it’s no longer my business name)

I’ve been working on a new logo this month as well; the MaeganCcreates business cards I made last year were a placeholder while I figured out what direction I was going in. I still have plenty of them left, so I’ll be using them for a bit longer, but that’s fine. It gives me time to decide if I like my new logo or not. (lol) I’ll showcase it soon!

Please take a moment and browse the new website, I’m open to any and all feedback, I’ve built up the main pages so far. I think I like the more focused portfolio instead of a large gallery, but I do want to have a kind of gallery with the archived artwork and projects and everything as well– I may just link to a gallery site such as art station, behance, or something along those lines to fulfill that purpose.

I think my domain for SCIDesignart expires this year, so the website may disappear or look different around April… but I aim to have this new website fully steamroll’n by then. 😀

I hope y’all’s 2021 is going well, and I’ll be updating with patreon and kickstarter updates soon!

Have a great & powerful day.


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