Commission Information

Please download the document above for my price list & I included the information below. If there’s anything you’re thinking about for custom art you don’t see listed on the sheet, feel free to email me at for a custom quote.

 Commission Guidelines

NO: Porn or graphic nudity

No: mechanical heavy images. I suck at drawing guns and machines… don’t make me do it, it won’t be pretty.

No: Photo-realism. I have a style, and that style is comic/anime…. outside of that, results may vary.

No: Gore

Yes: anime characters, comic book characters, original characters, males, females, LGBTQ, cyborgs, cartoon characters, anthro/furry, food, critters, Dungeons & Dragons, video game characters, pin-up, chibis, semi-nudity, mild violence (fist fight or lightly battered character)

Additional information

For groups of 3 characters or more: add $5 per character

Custom keychain prices are for single, chibi characters. Please reach out to me if you’d like a quote for something different.

Shipping is not included for physical items, shipping will be calculated based on location.

Contact me for traditional art commissions.

I accept paypal, square, and payments through Etsy. Payment can be split 50/50, but a payment/deposit must be rendered before I will start sketching, with the total due upon completion.

No refunds after sketch approval.

Commission stages will be delivered with watermarks until the order is paid in full.

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