Wednesday Addams

You may or may not know that I have always been a fan of the Addams Family. I cut my teeth as an older kid on the 90’s movies, then backtracked my way through the animated series and the 1960’s show, eventually discovering the original comics. I’ve always liked how they were different, but such a cohesive family unit and blissfully puzzled or amused by others’ animosity or concerned reactions to their lifestyle.

So, I was excited to see the new animated films and ready to jump on board when rumors came out about Netflix’s Wednesday. Then, I got a little trepidacious when I saw the trailer and the thought did cross my mind ‘Dear God, not another Riverdale.’ After some initial reactions from friends and artists who watched it, though, I decided to cross it off the ‘to be watched’ list… and binge watched the hell out of it. HAHAHA.

I actually see a strong connection to this version of Wednesday from what the new animated films have done with her preteen phase, and I liked that it focuses on just her as a teenager and the family fades to the background as almost a cameo– while we get taken on a wild supernatural mystery ride that even has its callback moments to the 90s films, I thoroughly enjoyed the entire thing. It was a refreshingly darker spin on a dark, misunderstood girl with all the right noir notes. Naturally, the first thing I had to do once I finished season one was start working on a contribution to the massive amount of fanart out there…

Unfortunately, I started this right around the holidays and wound up kind of shelving my gothic portrait while other projects and deadlines (and post-holiday catchup) consumed life.

However, after slowing down a bit this month, I found the energy to go back and finish this work, and I am pretty thrilled with the result. IF you’d like to see a speedpaint/process video, just click here.

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