Happy 2023!

New “Meet the Artist” for 2023!

Hello friends!

I am very excited about the projects and things I have planned creatively for 2023.

Firstly, I am submitting my first collaborative zine project (Constellations in Flux) for print this week.

Then I will be planning another zine for late Summer, as well as resuming work on my webcomic.

I will be working on turning the Witches Tea House coloring pages from my Patreon into a coloring book, as well as my Mermay sketches from last year. I’ve invested in a coil binding machine, so I’m super excited to bring coloring book production in house!

I do have one bit of bad news– based on the Patreon page growth performance for the last year or so and the constraints on my time for creating and maintaining Patreon-only content, especially with a new baby on the way (we’re expecting a little girl in the Spring!)– I have made the difficult decision to go on hiatus indefinitely. What this means is that payments will be suspended for current patrons, and I don’t think new patrons can sign up for reward tiers… but you can still follow my Patreon page for updates!

I do plan on continuing to post on Patreon, especially related to the webcomic or projects, but I think updates will mostly come from my newsletter/blog and I’m going to focus on building up my ko-fi page as well.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season, and that 2023 is a gentle year for you!


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