Drops Of Moonlight

Hello friends, I am so excited to make this announcement: Drops of Moonlight, A Sailor Moon Fan zine celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the series, is open for pre-orders! (Limited edition of physical zines available)

About the Zine:

“Drops of Moonlight: A 30th Anniversary Sailor Moon Fan Project” is the biggest charity Zine project the Sailor Moon fandom has ever seen to this date. It’s a collaborative English-Japanese bilingual fan project made by 350+ contributors from 40 countries, spanning a physical Zine and variant eZines, fan-merchandise, and downloadable content including translated versions of all written content. It’s the first time this has ever been done, and we hope you are as excited for it as we are! 

Our theme is “Post-canon.” This includes everything that has been going on since the last episode, chapter, or musical of any Sailor Moon iteration that has aired/been published, and everything that has been going on in the fandom since. It includes a look at fandom histories as well as stories about these characters after the curtains fell. All by fans, for fans. 

About my contribution:

I will be sharing my illustrations in the gallery post-preorders, but as a teaser I’ll drop my idea descriptions for my “Dueling Futures” illustration set:

Future 1: Dark Kingdom

AU darker future idea: utilizing the Silver Imperium Crystal, Chibiusa, warped into Black Lady by Wiseman, destroys the allies she sought help from and the rest of Crystal Tokyo, taking control of Nemesis and the Black Moon Clan to reach out and conquer the galaxy as a dark, heartless queen.

Future 2: Neo Silver Millenium

After Eternal Sailor Chibi-Moon’s training is complete and the amazon/sailor quartet return to fulfill their promise, she and Helios receive their blessing from Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion to wed– the earth temple is passed to a named successor and shortly thereafter, The mantle of queen is passed to Small Lady, and she and her court return to the moon to rebuild La Serenitas and expand the governments of the moon and earth to explore and befriend new allies throughout the galaxies.

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