Patreon Pin Club: Voting for March’s Design Open

Hello Creative nerds!

March’s designs are ready for a vote over on my Patreon page! (voting in Patreon polls is available for Fan Club + Patrons)

The 2 pin designs to choose from are Luck & Fire:

・゚✧ Voting is open until 2/20, and the design with the most votes will be turned into March’s pin, the final design will be revealed on 3/1 and both designs will be fully rendered for stickers next month for Sticker Gang Patrons.

If you haven’t had a chance to browse my Patreon, please take a moment and do so– in addition to the monthly sticker and pin club goodies, patrons get exclusive discounts for the Etsy shop, previews on projects, wips of illustrations, and more! 🙂

Next month will also be my Patreon-versary, so I have something special cooking up for all my lovely patrons! ❤


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